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Evyatar Pesach 5783 / 2023 March and Rally (Updated 9 April 2023)

4/10/23, 4:00 PM

Am Yisrael will be B"H singing and dancing in Evyatar Monday, 19 Nissan 5783 / 10 April 2023, Chol Hamoed Pesach. Come and join members of the Knesset, Government Ministers, Leaders of The Nachala Settlement Movement, Head of Shomron Regional Council and your Neighbors

We March to show support for the residents of Evyatar and to send a message to the governement that an agreement was reached, including a specific timeline for families to return to their homes. 

Further, We March to honor collective  נשמות   of Jews, who loved The Land, mudered at the hands of arab terrorists. Although painful that our friends and neighbors are no longer amoung the living , it is necessary to remember that one proven way to stop the bloodshed and eliminate terror, is for Am Yisrael to follow the Zionistic path and build New and Strengthen Existing Yishuvim throughout Historic Israel יהודה ושומרון.

Millions of Nachala supporters throughout the world, although many miles away, can be shoulder to shoulder with the Marchers via moral and financial support. The moral support is difficult: letters, emails, texts to government officials in Israel and abroad; as well as hosting and attending meetings in one's local community.

The financial support is EASY! As of Monday, 19 Nissan 5783 / 10 April 2023 (Yes the same day as the March to Evyatar) the Nachala Setttlement Movement website will be able to accept donations.

Just go to - click in the Donate Button and follow the simple instructions.

Your contributions, regardless of the amount, will help us achieve our common goals!

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