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A Message from Daniella Weiss, Director of The Nachala Settlement Movement

4/16/23, 4:00 PM

An invitation for All to Stand With Nachala as we Take Steps to Re-Claim Historic Israel

בס"ד, איסרו חג פסח תשפ"ג

Dear friends of Nachala

     As Passover is leaving the door open for a nice Israeli summer to emerge, we are happy to share with you the success of the huge march to Evyatar in Chol HaMoed Pesach. The decision to carry out a march in the midst of a series of terror attacks and while the streets of Israel are roaring with anti-Government protests, was not an easy one. Nachala Movement took it upon her shoulders to encourage such a daring act relying on the belief that Am Yisrael is expected to celebrate and be happy on our precious Holidays. The attempts of the enemies to take life meets the Jewish constant wish to give life.

     The call to take part in a march from the Tapuach Junction to Evyatar was answered by 50,000 people who climbed the steep hill of Evyatar holding babies and supporting old people. So many people thanked the leaders of Nachala for having the courage to cope so bravely with complicated political and security challenges. The march to Evyatar has brought back smiles to many faces.

     Ministers Smotrich, Ben Gvir, Struk, Silman and Vaselrauf, together with 18 members of Knesset and the prominent Rabbies: Dov Lior, Yaakov Ariel, Eliakim Levanon, Shmuel Ben Eliahu, and heads of Regional Councils ascended the stage and signed Evyatar Pact which declared their commitment to the immediate return of the 53 families and the establishment of the Evyatar Yeshiva.

     Nachala Movement will continue with full steam to reach the target of making Evyatar a thriving town. We will continue our political lobby in the Knesset and the physical acts on the ground as we did for many settlements in the past until they stood on their own feet

     In order to make Evyatar a more beautiful Yishuv and establish many more Jewish towns, a great amount of effort, initiative and careful strategy is required. We cannot do it without your moral and financial support. We need You. We need Your support

Join us in the constant effort to build Eretz Yisrael

Thank you for 'logging on' to the Nachala website. Please share  with friends and family and encourage them to Stand With Us.

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