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Permission to Return to Evyatar
16 Adar 5783 / 9 March 2023

Exactly Who is to Decide When the Zionist Pioneers Return to Their Homes

     History tells us the permission to establish, build, expand and ‘return’ to Evyatar was given by our Jewish ancestors who have lived in the Land for thousands of years.

     Others would have you believe this permission to return (to Evyatar) lies in the hands of foreign governments and a string of Israeli bureaucracies. Given the current building freeze in Historic Israel, and if one believes the latter, please consider the following.

     Evyatar was first established in April of 2013. It failed when the Israeli

government decided to evict the families and destroy their homes. (a decision later recognized as wrong and later reversed, read below)

     The town was re-established in May 2021 following the murder of Yehuda Guetta HY”D. 

     15 August 2021: 

“The Israeli Supreme Court unanimously rejected a petition submitted by a group of Palestinian Arabs against the agreement between the government and the (former) residents of the Samarian town of Evyatar.”

So fast forward to today

     The political left in Israel and in the United States, as well as the media continue to criticize PM Netanyahu for trying to enable The Nachala Movement to facilitate the return to Eviatar. They argue the very return contradicts Israel’s promise not to build new settlements in the coming months. THEY ARE WRONG! Evyatar is NOT a new settlement… As noted above: Evyatar was first established in April 2013 and re-established in April 2021, marking a ten year / or two year anniversary.

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