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Pesach March from The Tapuach Junction to Evyatar is ON
7th Nisan 5783 / 29 March 2023

The IDF approved the request of the Nachala Settlement Movement for the "Giant March" to be held on Monday 10 April 2023

     Among the participants will be rabbis, ministers and Knesset members. Dozens of organizations including My Israel, the Sovereignty Movement, the youth movements Bnei Akiva, Ezra and Ariel, the Beitar Movement, the Rabbis of the Good Land Theory, the Circle of Professors for Political and Economic Resilience, the Life Choices Forum and many more.

     The marchers will send a message to the government that it must uphold the agreement signed with the residents of Evyatar, as the current government has committed to in the coalition agreements.

     Nachala’s צבי אלימלך שרבף stated "We call on the people of Israel to come and take part in this huge event to strengthen the settlement. We congratulate the IDF who chose to approve the march, and the ministers and members of the Knesset who mobilized for the event, and understand the strategic and national importance of the Evyatar settlement.”

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