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Victory in the Knesset. Victory for Eretz Yisrael. The law of Disengagement in the Northern Shomron was cancelled! 27 Adar 5783 / 20 March 2023

3/20/23, 4:00 AM

Am Yisrael Returns: Time to Wipe Away the Tears of 18 Years – Roll up Our Sleeves – and Build!

     20 March 2023: The Knesset on Tuesday voted 31-18 to repeal articles of the 2005 Gaza Disengagement Law banning Israelis from entering and residing in four communities in northern Samaria: Chomesh, Ganim, Kadim and Sa-Nur

     The law, which won some support from opposition members including National Unity’s Gideon Sa’ar and Ze’ev Elkin, repeals the clauses of the Disengagement Law that banned Israelis from the area where the settlements of once stood, paving the way for Am Yisrael to return.

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